FAQs 55 Questions Answered!

1)      Do I need to be attuned to Reiki to buy this art?

no. I have put the intentions, that is enough. Treat my art as a painting or artwork with symbols and allow the Universe to assist you with mystical ways. Always remember Reiki art is not a replacement to modern medicines and medication must not be stopped without consulting your Doctor.

2) Does Reiki art affect adversely?

no! Reiki healing art will never have any bad effect or side effect on anyone. All exposed to symbol art and colour therapy will be healed for best. That is the best part, no worry of overdose!

3) Why is your Reiki art expensive?

My healing paintings have been made with more than two decades of experience If you choose a painting understand that it has been made with a lot of study, extensive research and my years of solitude and experience with making Reiki art. There are also a lot of Packing Shipping Transportation and Courier charges as well as PayPal fees that is deducted from the payments we receive, which amounts to a large sum.Actually fifty percent of the amount goes off in these procedures. Hope you understand!

4) Why must I pay so much? When there are cheap paintings available?

Check the artists background, check the details of the available art whether it is art print or print on paper that comes cheap. Usually the cheaper artworks available are prints without any physical energy and only machine made products that you hang in your space then! Original art is always precious. My original artworks are unique one of a kind, bespoke, hand made with love.

5) I love the brand The Red Pilgrim and want to buy your Reiki art

I am humbled by your respect and love for my art. Thank you! I am just a pure channel spreading hope to the world. The brand has developed by my sincere dedication since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world through my Reiki symbol paintings.

Well, the fact that the Universe has brought us together is a sign for her blessings for you. So go ahead and buy whichever artwork your soul connects to!

6) The painting does not match with my decor?

Buyers never have questioned my choice of colours because each has its own energy and symbolism when I use it in my art. I have had people make special textured walls to hang my Reiki healing art! It is worth it!

Yet, if you have an specific colour choice you can email me for customised artwork in specific colour and intentions.

7) How long Will my wish fulfillment painting work?

Reiki healing art keeps working for life assisting you with fresh dreams and life goals. It is the promise from the Universe and power of mind.

8) Do you give Authenticity certificate of your paintings?

every painting comes with authenticity certificate signed by me. Each artwork is numbered and signed by me. Since past twenty years I have noticed most times people lose the certificates hence you receive the certificate online via email.

9) I don’t understand much about Reiki? Will this work for me?

The innocent intentions by me are for your best, you need not think anything else, let my art do the work! You just enjoy the energy of art healing. Treat the beautiful symbol paintings as Inspirational Motivational Positive art!

10) I am scared what if things start going wrong when I hang this art?

Nothing goes wrong with Reiki art! Sometimes there are a few lessons to be learned by the soul. beginning of change is messy, people have set their lives straight within few years of using my art and are happy with the direction they have found.

11) How will your Reiki painting affect my children?

good health, academic improvement and family bonding is what you will notice.

12) How will Reiki painting affect my pets?

pets become more caring loving and disciplined and improve in health. After all they are caring souls!

13) I am interested in knowing more on Reiki symbols?

You can read my blogs on Google- Razarts and The Red Pilgrim, Feng Shui-Simple Cures, watch The Red Pilgrim You Tube Videos about symbols.

14) Can I try the effects of your healing art?

Yes, do visit my You Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim to experience live energy flow with one minute healing art meditations for free! Most art buyers love to connect with the energy and then buy my paintings.

15)  I love the photo of the painting but am confused ?

There is an exact description of details wityh every painting. size in always mentioned in inches and frames are not included unless for special gifting purpose where the art bueyrs have added costs of framing.

If you have any doubts I send additional photos through email.

16) I want to purchase your healing painting for someone else? Can I gift it and Can you send it to them?

Yes, Gifting healing paintings is the best you can do for your children and friends colleagues family members. You can make the payment and send the address details, the parcel will be delivered to them on the time and date of any occasion you mention. For frames and gift wrapping additional costs will be added.

17) What if the receiver of this gifted painting is not aware of healing or Reiki?

For those who do not understand about Reiki, you can mention these are pure energy paintings for goodluck. Everyone welcomes healing energy. Reiki flows where it is required. Trust me they will come for more!

It is advisable to find out interests about your clients before gifting them symbol paintings.

You can also order customised total abstract healing paintings for such purposes where you doubt the receivers may not like symbols.

18) I want a painting for complete goodluck?how to find on your website Razarts.

All my paintings have the intentions of Goodluck along with special energy of what I have mentioned in description below each artwork. You can use the search button to find specific intentions painting. There are filter options too that will help you shortlist artworks according to your budget.

19) I want a painting for family togetherness? Are there such healing paintings?

yes, there are specially family bonding Reiki prayer energy healing paintings. Like Hosannah magic. Search in your specific intentions.

20) Wealth symbol painting? How does this work?

Reiki will bring beneficial mentors and helpful opportunities in your life. No easy roads here, you will be made to work hard to come out of your financial debts! The process though gradual will starts letting your life finances straight and towards the upward curve!

21) GST charges are extra for the cost of paintings?

No. The total price mentioned below each painting is only what you pay. There are at present no extra GST charges for buying paintings.

22) Should I mention about the intentions why I am buying your healing paintings?

No, it is up to you if you wish to email me. Many art buyers email me for specific intentions to be put up with symbols in the chosen painting. There are also many of my paintings that have been sold without any communication from buyers and only the payment PayPal email comes.

23) I want a very large sized Reiki healing painting?

email me razarts@yahoo.co.in with the size and budget, and if you need special energy symbols and intent put up in the abstract artwork. Even some people love to have symbols see, while some request for the art to become partially abstract with only few symbols visible amidst the colours. we can work this out!

Shipping for custom sized large canvas paintings for different countries are extra as it may take a substantial amount.That can be worked out.

Customized paintings have no return options as you will be sent photos as your artwork progresses according to your likes of colours and strokes and finalizing before shipping.

24) I love the large painting but still can’t make the decision of how it will look actually? And how do I get to see the details of the artworks?

there are close up shots of every painting which you can request upon before purchasing costly paintings from The Red Pilgrim's Razarts website. Check the additonal images uploaded. and also how the painting will look in modern decor. You can also email me before buying large healing paintings, for details, close up shots of the painting.

25) Can I hang your Healing painting with my other paintings in our decor?

yes, consider this Reiki symbol healing paintings as another style statement bespoke painting and you can mix and match with your decor.

26) How do I know which is the best Feng Shuii place for hanging your art?

with every art sale I email about the benefits ,meanings, symbolism and best placement suggestions to see fast Feng Shuii results.

27) I am already in debt? How can I afford a wealth painting?

people have come out of heavy loans, strong hopeless law cases and property disputes with my art and my distance Reiki. I am sure spending a few dollars for a small artwork will kick start your finances! And it will be worth the long life.

28) I can’t find the specific painting I am looking out for?

you can email me razarts@yahoo.co.in with your requirements and specific intentions, I will be happy to assist you and add symbols and Sigils for your chosen art.

29) I saw a painting photo on your Google blog? I saw your painting on Pinterest, Is it available for sale?

Use the search button to find it or Kindly email me the blog post and photo, mundewadi9@gmail.com I will immediately revert back on status update of the artwork! and details.

30) I am a Reiki Master and have seen your videos, can I draw symbols?

Symbols are free on the web. You may be a Reiki Master but you are not an healing artist. For me to reach here, twenty years of hard work has gone by working on self, environment and art, not to mention the unseen price of attracting negative energies being an empath, sicknesses and physical issues by sometimes not being grounded, we definitely as healing artists pay for healing others!giving my life for art!

I have my Youtube channel videos for free Reiki with specific intentions and I also show how to write symbols in my videos ,you can go ahead if you are guided by the Universe.

31) Can I take a free print out of your paintings at home and use your art?

My healing Art prints are not free. In fact even my painting buyers are not allowed to use prints without my permission as stated in the Copyright of my Art Authentiocity certificate. You can request a print with payment of nominal charges through my site and then take a print out at home. It is not good karma to take a print out of my paintings without my permission.

32) what is the lowest price I can get an original healing painting?

for as low as $30 you can start adding original Reiki Feng Shuii paintings to your home. Small Tiny art cards can begun life changing transformations in your lfie and Trust me, people have come back and purchased larger artworks from me!

33) Will I need to pay shipping charges along with the price of painting mentioned?

most of the paintings are free of shipping charges within India and outside too.

*Except when large painting sent in Roll and framed in wood artworks that will require wooden boxes and customs fees, here the buyer will have to pay shipping charges.

34) What if I am in Mumbai and wish to personally collect a painting?

you are welcome to my studio with prior appointment, you will also save a lot of money avoiding all my hassles of shipping and packing!depending upon the size and subject of the artwork, substantially you can get a discount of 35 to 40% in the cost.

35) I want to buy a mixture of paintings for my whole house, will there be discount?

for a group of paintings, in different sizes I have always offered a attractive total price to my buyers. And it has worked. Check out deals on my website for your favourite artworks.

36) I am not convinced about whether your healing art will help me?

The beauty of life and its limitations, I do not promsie life will be a bed of roses, but it will not be the same. you can take the decision to take charge of your life now or wait, its up to you how much of life joy you are losing day by day!

37) Can I return your healing artwork if I don’t like it?

There is an option of return for the art within seven days in case you don’t find it as I have mentioned on my website descriptons of the painting, during the pre sale communications. Shipping charges will be deducted from your paid amount for returning the art.

Usually this is very rare as I give detailed descriptions of every painting. and For large painting orders through emails, close up photos, details, are sent prior to finalizing any deal.

38 What happens when your healing painting is returned?

Over my so many years with selling art online, since year 2000, only one painting was returned, that too it was from the Saatchiart online gallery sale, where I had no communication with the buyer directly. There was some mis match with the amount the gallery had taken from the buyers. There was no direct involvement from my side and nothing to do with my art.

Till date Alhamdullilah every buyer of my art is very happy and satisfied.

39) Can I shift the healing paintings to my new home?

yes, the paintings will be your own friends alongside with you where ever you go and will assist you in the same way even in your new home. In fact people choose the Feng shuii paintings before hand to make entry in new homes. Also to blend with the new decor.

40) What if I want to change the paintings and put new ones?

like every precious costly old art you can store the healing paintings carefully and they will keep on their energy work. Till you next get back to hanging them in a new space.

41) What to do if I accidentally tore the Reiki painting?

burn the Reiki symbol healing art or tear into tiny bits and throw in sea or soil with due respect to the Reiki energy.

42) I have your Reiki healing card, can I take it in my purse/bag everyday?

yes, you can carry the Reiki healing art card laminated along with you, keep in your office drawer or wallet.

43) I want to buy a wealth painting for office? Do I need to talk about this to my colleagues?

Treat my healing paintings as art! usually I advice to avoid sharing specific intentions with anyone as to prevent negative blocks in results. You can add art for goodluck. It will work on your personal intentions and goals.

44) I want a anger management Reiki painting for my spouse? Will it affect my children?

specific intention art is hung in spaces where the healee is more exposed to this. No, don’t worry Reiki never has any ill effects on anyone else.

45) I have a chronic bedridden patient in my home, can your Reiki healing art help ?

Always remember Reiki art is not a replacement to modern medicine and always works alongside with improving quality of lfie. Patients find hope, fresh energy to live, survival instincts improve, will to live is sparked on, patients are redirected to better medications and right treatment modalities and specific best doctors. That is how reiki art beautifully works. Bringing joy!

46) I will buy your Feng Shuii wealth painting next year? Now I don’t have the budget?

Don’t postpone happiness! Just in case you have specific intentions or goals you need to achieve and need Reiki healing art assistance, think of the time you are wasting delaying those blessings! Time matters as far as your life happiness is concerned!

47) How do I know you are a genuine Reiki Master healing artist?

there is my bloodline connections of from sufi healers and my years of making art since year 2000. Google is the best answer for this! You can search Google with my name Rizwana A.Mundewadi The Red Pilgrim to find out more about me and my art. I have an inventory of more than 2000 healing symbol paintings and cubism art available for sale stored in my space.

48) Once I buy your painting will I be able to contact you? After sales service?

Since past many years my buyers do keep in touch by emails about their life happiness and progress. You can keep in touch by my google blogs, my website is 24x7 open! The communication has also led to new art sales for my healing art with the same art lovers.

For maintaining artworks I advice in my Art Authenticity certificate and you can also email me for specific guidance to take care of your precious paintings.

49) What if my neighbor has the same painting after paying so much?

original art is never repeated. I never do repeat any of my symbol healing paintings, it is all one piece, unique! I also can’t imitate or copy my art! Unless of course you buy an art print from my profile on Saatchiart online gallery. Art prints Limited signed by me are available through my website also.

50) I Love your art and want to try out your paintings but not spend much at first?

Choose smaller sized affordable artworks first so that you understand how you feel about them. That way you can get an affordable means to add up my original hand made art in your space, before ordering customised and buying a large sized original painting.

51) I want to buy a healing Feng Shuii painting, will small sized painting work in the same  manner as a large painting?

small paintings have been made with specific intentions, limited targetted goal. Pure energy intentions are put up with every painting. The larger paintings definitely have more symbols and more amalgamation of different colours and energies. Small paintings have single specific purpose intentions energy only.

52) Do I stop medicine for chronic disease as I have your art?

Reiki healing art is not a replacement to modern medciine and you may not stop your treatments without consulting your physician in charge. Healing art assists in bringing self acceptance, reduces anger and harmonises emotional and physical health bringing in a fresh perspective towards life and treatments and you are guided to the best of treatments bringing joy to your life. Reiki Masters have quoted in their books about miraculous transformations and even higher cosmic level energy treatments. Many chroonic patients have improved drastically with art therapy and even scientifically research has proven the effects of art in healing. I am just a pure soul and channel of energy from the Universe.

53) I was searching healing art online and found your art website?

Yes I have my artworks displayed since year 2013 on my personal website and also had profiels on Saatchiart online gallery for thirteen years which I deleted in year 2021. My Google blogs also come up in google search regarding feng shuii of art and symbolism.

54) Are the paintings for sale framed? Is price inclusive of frame?

No. Most paintings are shipped without frame and cost of painting does not include frame. This is due to personal tastes in choosing frames from buyers viewpoint. People have so many creative and ornamental, modern vintage, acrylic framing choices, it is best upon each one to choose frame that goes according to your home decor. There is also a wide price range of art frames available so its better the buyers add frame. In Gifitng bulk orders paintings sent to destinations are gift wrapped so they need to be framed and here the buyer pays extra charges for the frames and shipping. If you want the artworks framed I will send you the options and the extra costs involved.

55) Is there any hidden costs additional payments after the purchase?

There are no extra costs-you see and pay the same amount to me. Sometimes rarely you may need to pay customs while you receive the shipment of paintings that can go from a few percent, depending upon your country rules.